How a Fragrance Can Change Your Look

If you haven’t been using a fragrance on the regular, now might be the best time to start getting into it. A lot of women report that they just feel much better (and clean smelling) when they are wearing a fragrance. There are so many to choose from that it’s impossible not to find something to fit you really well. Of course, if you have been in the fragrance game for years, it might be time to upgrade your scent by switching up the type of fragrance you’re rocking. Sometimes I even switch mine up to reflect a new season, a.k.a summer, winter, fall, and spring!


Scientists believe that when we’re born, we are all blank slates when it comes to what smells good or bad. From early childhood, especially when you’re first exposed to any scent, you begin to develop associations with it. Only you know precisely which kinds of perfumes and lotions make you feel your happiest, sexiest and most confident – but like the Oracle at Delphi said, know thyself.

Emotional associations are powerful, and it is said that scent is the most closely associated sense with memory and feeling. When you smell something that really takes you back, it’s powerful. You can take advantage of this power by experimenting with different scents that may give you entirely different associations and related feelings. It’s all heady stuff, but it’s pretty fun for a science experiment.


There is a lot that goes into your look, and as women, we sometimes forget some of the most important parts because we take them for granted. Everybody knows that most of what you express comes down to things like body language and the tone of your voice, but how much do you really think about how you’re moving?

If you’ve been using a tired scent for a long time, it might be making your body language a little “blah.” Mixing it up and trying on a scent that makes you feel more confident can make you look better because it will cause you to move more confidently. You won’t be trying to walk taller, take a different kind of stride, or move your hands in a way that conveys personal power – it’ll just happen naturally with barely a thought. When you believe in yourself, the world tends to make way for you. And the people you want to date will also tend to notice this difference!

Ways to Tell You Might Need a Fragrance Makeover

How long has it been since you took on a bold new fragrance? If it’s been more than a couple of years, it may be time to switch things up in a big way. Another way you can tell it might be time for a change is if you just don’t feel like your perfume expresses your personal style. Do you feel like you smell like the counter at a big box department store? It’s time to get into something that is uniquely you, and that lets everyone know when you walk by in the best possible way.

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