The Best Tips and Tricks for Hair

Let’s face it; a good hair day is like waking up to being able to find everything in a hurry and having everyone compliment you throughout your day. And the exact opposite is equally true. While Mother Nature will determine whether you have a good or bad hair day to some extent, you can always give nature a boost by planning ahead and taking a couple of extra steps to look, and feel, your best from the roots to the tips.

It can be a little scary to do anything too drastic with your hair since a mistake can haunt you for months or years. No one is going to suggest chopping it all off, but if one of my suggestions sounds a little strange, you should still at least consider trying something you never thought of before. You’re young, you’re amazing, and trying new things is how you take life to the next level!

No More Morning Frizz

Do you hate the humidity, wish you could wake up to smoother hair instead of something that looks like the Bride of Frankenstein? Well, you can! The trick is, you want to shampoo your hair before you go to bed, and then squeeze dry it. Hitting it with a towel or a blow dryer will cancel out the effect, so try and fight the urge.

Once you have your hair reasonably dry, you can rub in your choice of styling cream. Make sure you go all the way from the tips of your hair to the roots. From there, you can simply comb your hair and make a tight bun tied up with elastic that sits at the nape of your neck. When you wake up, you’ll have a pretty quick “run your fingers through it” last step to part any curls, and you’re good to go.


It is tempting to throw on conditioner all the time, but this can actually make your hair get greasy. If you have a regular level of scalp moisture, putting conditioner on your roots can end up backfiring. This is, even more, the case if you only shampoo every couple of days.

The trick is, your hair can still use the conditioner. It just doesn’t need to be covered in the stuff. Just focus on applying your conditioner to the bottom three-quarters of your hair, and mostly ignore your scalp during this step.

Chill Out

It’s tempting to use scalding hot water when you shower because it feels so good. There’s nothing wrong with washing your body this way, but it can hold you back if you’re washing your hair in hotter water. Using cold or lukewarm water can help your hair cuticles keep moist instead of getting split ends if you give yourself the lobster treatment.

Save on Shampoo

You know how shampoo is expensive? Well, you can save on your shampoo budget by just putting one or two pumps into a half mug of water. This helps your hair to keep its natural oils, instead of drying out. Overpowering your hair in shampoo can be extremely damaging and unnecessary.

Next time you feel as though you’ve hit rock bottom on a bad hair day, be sure to use that as a learning curve! Plan ahead and treat your hair with sensitivity to remove the possibility of yet another bad hair day!

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