Trench Coat The Best Fashion Piece You’ll Need All Winter

The trench coat is an excellent piece of clothing that will help you stick out the winter in comfort and style. From a purely functional perspective, the trench coat is a great part of your wardrobe. But this is one functional piece of clothing that carries a timeless level of style. If you haven’t added it to your ensemble yet, it is high time to do just that.

Where Trench Coats Came From

The trench coat actually started out as military garb, if you can believe that. In World War I, soldiers would literally wear coats that came from the greatcoats of the French and British but were lighter and more comfortable to walk around in all the time. The D ring that is still so common was initially put in to hold a sword!

Trench coats came from the need to stay dry under challenging conditions. Originally, they were made out of gabardine and to be waterproof while still allowing enough air flow to be cool under fire. From those humble origins, the trench coat has come to be made out of other materials. This humble piece of former military garb has also happened to be a piece of winter wear that will help you stay warm no matter how chilly it may get outside.


Timeless and Simple

The trench coat has been a favorite piece of garb since the 1940s, with different cuts becoming popular at various points. Fashion is ever-changing, but mixing it up with something classic never goes out of style. One reason for the trench coat’s long lifespan and frequent return to popularity (as opposed to, say, corsets) has been its simplicity and versatility.

A trench coat can protect a great outfit from the rain, snow, or when a passing vehicle throws muddy water from the street at you unexpectedly. Being an overcoat, it can conceal your curves or reveal just enough of them to be tantalizing. You can take it off without raising any eyebrows, too. Your trench coat is the final part of the layering everyone knows to do during the winter, so you have plenty of options if the temperature gets a bit warmer down the line.

The versatility of a trench coat also comes from its color possibilities. Originally, trench coats came in beige, black, tan or the best known, khaki. But nowadays, you can find a trench coat that goes to your ankle all the way to above the knee in just about any color you can imagine. You can go with a traditional neutral shade, or go with something that grabs the eye and lets the world know there’s a lot to see here.

Big and Awesome

One reason trench coats fall out of popularity every so often is because they are literally designed to be worn over big, puffy coats. This is not beachwear. The good thing is, since you can wear it over anything, you can reveal or conceal on the fly. No matter how much or how little attention you want, your trench coat can accommodate you.

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