Weight Training is Not Just for Men

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As a woman, it can be tempting to just head straight for the cardio machines and let the weights be the purview of men. But this is actually a bad idea, despite how little most people write on the topic. Weight training is excellent for everyone, and there are several reasons why.

Toning Instead of Getting Bulky

A lot of women get intimidated going into the gym because they assume that if they start to lift weights, they’re going to look like one of those hugely muscled men or that rare kind of woman who looks manly. This could not be further from the case, and there’s a good reason for this.

For one thing, a woman who wants to build big muscles has to work out insanely hard. Doing three or four solid weight training sessions a week will help you get toned, sexy muscles, but it won’t make you look like She-Hulk. Interestingly enough, when you stretch and weight train, you can actually increase your flexibility while you get stronger and have more endurance for your day.

Getting Your Metabolism Revved Up

It is easy with the stresses of the modern world to get overwhelmed, and this can lead to emotional eating. Couple that with your special time, and putting on pounds becomes a real hassle for a lot of us even in our 20s. It only gets worse if you don’t grab this bull by the horns.

Lifting weights on a regular basis gets your metabolism to go up in a way that’s different from just doing cardio. Because you’re doing small amounts of damage to your muscles that then heal up stronger, you’re actually using more calories than if you simply went for a run, a swim or put in an hour on the elliptical machine. This can help you with stubborn pounds in a big way.

Feeling Empowered

Empowerment is not just physical, but it definitely has a physical aspect to it. When you move a piece of metal that you know is heavy, this is a serious confidence booster. As you put a couple more pounds on there and press it through a few of those hard reps, this is a great metaphor for pushing through all the hard parts of life. You’ve got this!

Setting a Great Foundation

Osteoporosis may not seem like something that’ll happen to you, but it can. And just like it strengthens your muscles, weight training makes your bones stronger. Now is a great time to start the habits that will help you be a fit old lady one day!

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