Hi everybody! My name is Jesse, and I’m so glad you’ve come to my blog. I’m going to help you become the best version of you in a lot of great ways. When you want to look and feel your best, I hope you remember to come back here for the ton of great, helpful posts I intend to make on a regular basis.

I believe that there are several important facets to living your best possible life, and they all come from learning and developing that inner sense of what makes you happy and will fulfill you. Some topics are going to be about what excites you internally, like developing your best possible mindset and getting over disappointment so you can be happier no matter what happens. While other topics are going to simply talk about looking better and feeling better as one and the same.

Change happens because you choose to make it happen – your life is your own to do with whatever you want, and there are limitless ways that you can build a better life for yourself moving forward. These changes can come from the inside, with making a big choice to live healthier and happier. The changes you decide to make can also come from adding something new to your wardrobe, taking on a new kind of fitness strategy, and the little things you do every day. I am a firm believer in the power that small and subtle changes can make in your life if you just carry them on day after day. Even a tiny little ocean wave on the beach can wear away a mountain, or build one just as easily over time. When you read this blog, I hope that you tear down the mountains of self-doubt, personal criticism and the fears that hold you back.

Together, we can build the mountains of real self-confidence, working together as young women to help each other in a real sense, and becoming genuinely happier even when the situation isn’t always the greatest.

Admittedly, I have had times where challenges have put me down. I won’t say that I’ve always gotten right back up and charged back into the fight immediately. There are times I’ve had to rest, have a good cry, and eat some ice cream before I got better. But together, I hope that my times of challenge will help you to be inspired to live better and keep up the fight even when things seem downright dire.

One thing I have always been amazed by is how, even when we are deep people who can have profound thoughts, making small changes to things that seem shallow like our wardrobes can have a tremendous impact on us. It’s amazing how quickly we can back into it when life looks like it’s going to break us. One of my most ambitious goals with having a blog is to help you to make the changes that will help you to be truly happy, from the inside out and the outside in.

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